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Directions of Recovery provides affordable in-depth treatment services for persons who are struggling with chemical dependency. You are here because you are seeking a treatment program that will help guide you on the path to lasting recovery. We welcome the opportunity to help restore your life.

The desire to change

Recovery requires an honest desire to change your life. Lasting recovery requires an ongoing commitment to change, making recovery the cornerstone of your life.

Caring staff

Our staff is comprised of caring professionals who want to guide you toward long term recovery and a more satisfying and productive lifestyle. Many of our staff members are themselves in recovery. At Directions of Recovery, we strive to help you feel at home in a relaxed atmosphere. We welcome you. There is no shame in your chemical dependency. Our staff will help you celebrate recovery.

Effective treatment at a reasonable cost

The choices for drug and alcohol treatment can be overwhelming. Treatment providers vary from hospitals to private office settings and fees vary widely. We will provide an individualized treatment program that meets your needs.

Our treatment program is priced affordably so that clients can remain in treatment long enough to achieve a firm footing in recovery.

Focus on core issues

Beyond sobriety, our treatment professionals will help clients focus on underlying core issues needed to achieve lasting recovery. We support the 12 Step recovery process. We provide in-depth treatment, delivered by a multidisciplinary team to address addiction and its underlying causes. Oftentimes, drugs and alcohol are not the problem. They are what you have selected as a solution to underlying issues. Our treatment team will help you explore underlying issues that must be resolved to achieve a lasting recovery.







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